Our commitments

Our manifesto
The stock of raw material on Earth is in surplus, the waste of others will be our wealth.

Because knowing what we buy is a right, we will tell you everything.

Clothing is an art, Madagascar a breeding ground, Azala a relay.

Because benevolence is at the heart of our project, we are ambitious to live better.

Our local commitments

Azala partners with Bôndy to reforest the island of Madagascar. Bôndy carries out social reforestation projects, particularly through the restoration of mangroves in the Boeny region.

Our social commitments

Azala's social commitment is inherent to its existence. Our wish is to help Madagascar by making its know-how known, by supporting stable and quality jobs while giving a chance to the most disadvantaged populations.

Our environmental commitments

At Azala, we work on three ecological levers: raw material, manufacturing and reforestation.

Our economical commitments

We try to build a virtuous economic cycle for all:

(I) By paying the garment makers a fair price

(II) by promoting the professional integration of the most disadvantaged

(III) by helping the cooperatives and local farmers to have a fair and stable remuneration.