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Nos marques ecoresponsables préférées pour les kids

Did you know that 7,570 liters of water are needed to produce a pair of jeans, the equivalent of...

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Our favorite eco-responsible brands for kids

Cette image symbolise l'engagement d'Azala envers la réduction des déchets et la promotion d'une mode plus durable, tout en inspirant l'innovation et l'espoir pour un avenir plus vert dans l'univers de la mode.

In a world where the climate emergency calls for a revolution in our consumption and production h...

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The ecological balance of upcycling

En avant pour 2024 : Nouvelles Collections et Nouveaux Projets

The year 2023 marked a significant turning point for Azala, characterized by substantial advancem...

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Forward to 2024: New Collections and New Projects

Le monde des réseaux qui interagit avec des humains dans le monde de la mode.

In a world where digital connectivity has become the norm, social media has emerged as a powerful...

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How Are Social Media Transforming Fashion?

4 enfants venant des 4 coins du monde portant des tenues colorées.

Fashion is more than a mere affair of fabrics and trends. It is a reflection of our history, our...

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A Journey Around the World: Discovering Children's Traditional Attire

A futuristic world saved by upcycling. Azala picture.

In a world where responsible consumption and sustainability are taking center stage, upcycling em...

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Upcycling: The Revolution of Negative Waste Garments at Azala

Veste worker émeraude. Gilet émeraude. Vêtements garçon. Upcycling. Azala.

If fashion were a road, it would be long, winding, and full of crossroads. In this intersection w...

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Discover the Cactus collection

Post card Azala presenting our "cactus" collection. 4 pictures with different products.

Fashion, this great mystery which fascinates as much as it divides. It is both an art form, an i...

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What is fashion?

An unhappy guy wearing a yellow strapped tee-shirt behind bars

Everyone's seen those "eco-responsible" or "ethical" labels hanging proudly over that little swe...

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Who's really interested in ethical fashion?

Mode enfant vintage 2023. Trois filles portant des robes fleuries et des sweat.

As the first leaves of spring unfurl and the sun begins to shine with renewed vigor, the world of...

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Eco-responsible trends for back-to-school 2023