2023: A Landmark Year for Azala

The year 2023 marked a significant turning point for Azala, characterized by substantial advancements and striking successes. We were honored to participate in Playtime in June 2023, a renowned platform for children's and maternity fashion. This experience not only strengthened our international presence but also opened the door to exciting new opportunities. Our launch in Los Angeles at Lost & Found stores and at the prestigious Bon Marché in Paris is a testament to our expansion and resonance with a broader audience.

Los Angeles map made with fabric scraps

Another significant milestone in 2023 was our foray into adult fashion. This new venture began modestly but quickly established itself as a cornerstone of our brand. Our first feature in Milk Magazine not only validated our efforts but also highlighted our ability to innovate and push the boundaries of both children's and adult fashion.


2024: A Dynamic Start to the Year and Renewed Ambitions

For 2024, Azala embarks with enthusiasm and ambition. We will start the year with a strong presence at Playtime in January, followed by our participation in Pure London in February. These events will be an opportunity to unveil our first collection entirely dedicated to women, marking a new chapter in Azala's story. This collection, crafted with passion and creativity, will showcase our commitment to elegance, comfort, and sustainability.

London map made with fabric scraps

The year 2024 will also see the introduction of new products, including trousers, which will complement our range. These new pieces will align with our philosophy of timeless and versatile fashion, suited to modern life.


Responsible Fashion: A Commitment from the Heart

Since its inception, Azala has been a pioneer in high-end upcycling. In 2024, we will continue to promote responsible fashion, a topic on which awareness is steadily increasing. Our commitment to upcycling is not just a trend, but a firm belief. We strongly believe that fashion can be both beautiful and environmentally friendly.

Heart made with fabric scraps

We will tirelessly work to innovate and push the boundaries of what is possible in sustainable fashion. Our goal is to create pieces that are not only environmentally respectful but also beautiful, comfortable, and durable.


Conclusion: Towards a Bright Future

Sun made with fabric scraps

In 2024, Azala is committed to continuing its journey in the world of fashion with passion, creativity, and responsibility. We are excited to share our new collections and to continue inspiring and being inspired by our community. Together, let's move towards a future where fashion equals beauty, quality, and sustainability.