Purple-Scottish Quilt Kid's Jacket

Reversible long-sleeves
94,00 €
56,00 €

🌵 The Child's Gem of the Violet Drop from the Cactus Collection

Introducing our Purple-Scottish Quilt Kid's Jacket, the must-have for kids in our Violet Drop. This quilted jacket is the ultimate in style and durability for the younger ones.

🧵 Quilting Elegance

Crafted with meticulous attention to quilting, this jacket offers a consistent and elegant texture. The violet plaid adds a contemporary touch while respecting the timeless charm of quilting.

đź‘• Classic Yet Current

Drawing inspiration from classic jackets, this quilted version updates the genre with modern-day durability and functionality, without sacrificing an ounce of style. It's the perfect companion for all your child's escapades, whether urban or rural.

🌡️ Multi-Season Comfort

Although quilted, the jacket is designed to be lightweight and breathable, making it suitable for all weather conditions. Your child will be comfortable in a windy autumn, a sunny spring, or a cool summer evening.

đź”’ Ultra-Limited Edition

Act fast! Like all pieces in our Violet Drop, this kid's jacket is available in extremely limited quantities. Don't miss this unique opportunity to spoil your child with a piece as extraordinary as they are.

Environmental impact

Indice de réchauffement climatique et d'eutrophisation des eaux douces de l'Ademe pour un gilet Azala