Chantilly-Lavande Jacket Women

Long sleeves and reversible
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The upcycled and reversible jacket Chantilly-Lavande for women alternates between delicacy and gourmandise, it goes with all styles and all seasons. It is made in Madagascar in our workshop.

Environmental impact

Bilan carbone de la veste matelassée femme Azala.
Indice Ademe de réchauffement climatique et d'eutrophisation des eaux douces de la veste matelassée Azala

Responsible and transparent manufacturing

Our vests are entirely made in our workshop in Madagascar from beautiful scraps of fabric and obsolete fabrics, so no “new” materials are used in their manufacture. Additionally, our workshop runs on 50% solar energy (90% next year).

On average, raw material production and clothing manufacturing represent respectively 15% and 35% of the textile industry's contribution to global warming. In addition, a standard garment goes back and forth numerous times between its different stages of manufacturing. Final transport represents 3 to 5% of the environmental impact of a garment.

Thus, through our localized, recycled and low-polluting manufacturing, we limit most of our environmental impact to the transport of vests between Madagascar and Paris.

If you have come this far it is because the subject is close to your heart , and to us too. We therefore invite you to find our entire manufacturing process on the Upcycling page and the details of our commitments , particularly regarding the well-being of our employees, on the Commitments page. Thanks <3.