Purple-Liberty Kids Quilt Jacket

Reversible long-sleeves
94,00 €

🌵 The Quintessence of the Purple Drop in the Cactus Collection

Let yourself be charmed by our Violet-Liberty Quilt Jacket, the ultimate choice for kids in our Purple Drop. This quilted jacket is a masterful synthesis of durability and refinement.

🧵 The Art of Quilting

Crafted using an exquisite quilting technique, this jacket offers a rich and uniform texture. Liberty patterns harmoniously blend with deep purple, creating an exceedingly elegant visual.

👕 A Classic Twist

While drawing inspiration from traditional jackets, this quilted piece is a contemporary reinvention that combines robustness and functionality, without neglecting an ounce of style. It will be the perfect partner for every adventure your child embarks on, no matter the playground.

🌡️ All-Season Comfort

Though quilted, this jacket is designed to be light and breathable. It's suitable for all seasons and offers exceptional comfort, whether it's for an autumn stroll, a spring afternoon, or a slightly cool summer evening.

🔒 Limited-Edition Exclusivity

Act fast! Like the other pieces in our Purple Drop, this jacket is available in extremely limited quantities. A golden opportunity to equip your child with a piece as unique and memorable as they are.

Environmental impact

Indice de réchauffement climatique et d'eutrophisation des eaux douces de l'Ademe pour un gilet Azala