Purple Quilt Kids Worker Jacket

Reversible long-sleeves
99,00 €

🌵 The Star of the Purple Drop in the Cactus Collection

Meet our Purple Quilt "Worker" Jacket, the top choice for kids in our Purple Drop. This quilted overshirt perfectly combines robustness and style.

🧵 The Brilliance of Quilting

Crafted with a refined quilting technique, this overshirt features a uniform and elegant texture. The quilting adds an extra layer of sophistication, making each piece unique in its own right.

👕 The New Face of "Worker" Style

Inspired by traditional work jackets, this quilted overshirt offers all the essentials in terms of robustness and functionality, without skimping on elegance. It will be the perfect ally for your child in all their adventures.

🌡️ Comfort Across Seasons

Although it is quilted, this overshirt remains light and breathable, making it perfectly suited for a range of weather conditions. It's equally comfortable in autumn as it is in spring, and is ideal for those slightly chilly summer evenings.

🔒 Ultra-Limited Edition

Don't delay! Like all pieces in our Purple Drop, this overshirt is available in very limited quantities. This is a unique opportunity to provide your child with a piece as extraordinary as they are.

Environmental impact

Indice de réchauffement climatique et d'eutrophisation des eaux douces de l'Ademe pour un gilet Azala