Our environmental commitments

1. The raw material

Because the production of raw materials represents about 15% of the textile industry's contribution to global warming:

We do not use new materials to make our little vests. We only work with "waste" and obsolete material (except for some of our labels). We work with our partners to optimize production in order to recover a maximum of usable scraps.

2. Manufacturing

Because the production phase represents about 35% of the textile industry's contribution to global warming:

We are committed to cleaner production. Our workshop allows us to ensure nearly 50% of solar energy in the manufacture of our products (target 90% by 2023). We also limit our ecological impact by taking into account other elements: wastewater treatment, waste recycling, etc.

3. Reforestation

Because a replanted mangrove captures nearly 1.5 tons of CO2 during its lifetime:

Azala, with its partner Bondy, has committed to replanting one tree for each vest sold. This tree serves two environmental purposes: to help limit deforestation and the disappearance of species in Madagascar and to raise awareness of nature protection among local communities.

Each Azala vest has a QR code that allows to follow the evolution of the tree associated with it.