Purple-Scottish Quilt Baby Jacket

Reversible long-sleeves
89,00 €
45,00 €

🌵 The Baby Jewel of the Purple Drop in the Cactus Collection

Discover our Purple-Scottish Quilt Baby Jacket, the star for little ones in our Purple Drop. Designed to be both chic and practical, this quilted jacket is the epitome of comfort and style for the youngest ones.

🧵 The Elegance of Quilting

Crafted with particular care in quilting, this jacket boasts a rich and uniform texture. The purple plaid adds a touch of modernity while preserving the timeless elegance of quilting.

👕 Classic, Yet Modern

Inspired by traditional styles, this quilted jacket offers an updated version that combines robustness and functionality, without sacrificing any stylistic details. Perfect for accompanying your baby's first adventures.

🌡️ Comfort in Every Season

Despite its quilting, this jacket is incredibly light and breathable. It is ideal for all seasons, ensuring that your baby is as comfortable in the autumn as in the spring, and even during cool summer evenings.

🔒 Ultra-Limited, Ultra-Special

Don't wait! Like all the creations in our Purple Drop, this baby jacket is available in an ultra-limited edition. It's the perfect opportunity to give your little one a piece as exceptional as they are.

Environmental impact

Indice de réchauffement climatique et d'eutrophisation des eaux douces de l'Ademe pour un gilet Azala